Yep privacy

We don’t collect or share any of your personal information. We will not try to figure who you are and will not store your search history anywhere.

We don’t use any third-party search indexes to power our search service. That means we don’t share your search query with any 3rd-party service.

We don’t use cookies by default. If you choose to change your settings, only then will cookies be used to store those specific changes.

We don’t store your search history, IP address, or User-Agent strings. We use aggregated, non-personal search data to improve search algorithms, for spell correction or search suggestions purposes, and for aggregated statistical analysis. In other words, we do save certain data on searches, but never in a personally identifiable way. For example, we will track how many times a word is searched for or what is the position of the link getting the most clicks. But we won’t create your profile for targeted advertising.

Processing of user requests

To provide search results, we process:

  • entered keywords;

  • language preference received from your browser;

  • the approximate geographical area at the origin of the search at the scale of a region or a city (deduced from the IP address),

  • but we don't process your IP or your User-Agent.

To detect abuse and automated activity, we process:

  • a salted hash of the requesting IP address;

  • information related to the browser you are using (the User-Agent),

  • but we don't process entered keyword.

We never log or store permanently IP and User-Agent together with your search query.

3rd Party Services

We use CDN and DNS provided by CloudFlare. CDN is used to serve static content only and doesn't receive the information about your search query or the fact that you enter any search query.

We don't use services of any Cloud Provider to serve search results.


We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time. We encourage you to check this page for any changes. If we make changes we will update change log below. You can tell when Privacy Policy was last updated by looking at the date at the top of this page.