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What we need

Yep is looking for a backend developer with deep understanding of networks, distributed systems, OS fundamentals and taste for simple and efficient architectural designs. Our backend is mostly implemented in OCaml with some C++.

In this role, be prepared to deal with 25 petabytes of live data, OCaml and Linux on a daily basis.

Basic requirements:

  • Proficiency in OCaml

  • Knowledge of C++ is a plus

The ideal candidate is expected to:

  • Independently deal with bugs, schedule tasks and investigate code

  • Make well-reasoned technical choices and take responsibility for them

  • Understand the whole technology stack at all levels: from network and user-space code to OS internals and hardware

  • Handle full development cycle of a single component i.e. formalize task, write code and tests, setup and support production, resolve user requests

  • Approach problems with a practical mindset and suppress perfectionism when time is a priority

  • Write flexible, maintainable code and adapt to post-launch requirements/tweaks

These requirements stem naturally from our approach to development with fast feedback cycle, highly-focused personal areas of responsibility and strong tendency to vertical component splitting.

If your preference is leaning towards making the web functional and working on user-facing stuff, you may want to consider our ReasonML position instead.

Who we are

Yep is a search engine created by the Ahrefs team, which is behind one of the leading SEO toolsets worldwide. We’ve been crawling the entire web 24/7 since 2010, storing petabytes of information about live websites and backlinks.

We’re now looking to form the core product team for Yep.

We are a lean and robust team who strongly believe that better technology leads to better solutions for real-world problems. We worship functional languages and static typing, extensively employ code generation and meta-programming, value code clarity and predictability, and are constantly seeking to automate repetitive tasks and eliminate boilerplate, guided by DRY and following KISS. If there is any new technology that will make our life easier, we’ll be the first to give it a try. We solve problems at all levels, starting from simplifying overloaded UI, removing code bloat in middleware and tracking bugs all the way down to CPU.

We rely heavily on open-source code as the only viable way to build maintainable system and contribute back.

Our motto is, "First do it, then do it right, then do it better."

What you get

We offer:

  • Competitive compensation package

  • Informal and thriving work atmosphere

  • [SG office] First-class workplace equipment (hardware & tools)

  • Above-average perks and fringe benefits

Work location for this role could be:

  • Remote

  • Singapore

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