User agreement

1. Yep.Com is an online service that provides the following (but not limited to) services: website creation, storing images and files.

2. Yep.Com offers the general public access to free services on-line service, and additional paid services to the online service, the terms of this Agreement.

3. Additional services are provided in accordance with the list of paid features on the approved tariff placed on Yep.Com, which is an integral part of this Agreement.

4. Of registering online service Yep.Com, the user accepts this Agreement, Privacy Policy and undertakes to perform. The user accepts the terms of this Agreement and the Privacy Policy is a prerequisite to start using the online service Yep.Com.

5. User Yep.Com must be at least 13 years. Minors may not purchase additional paid services. Performing actions on the acquisition of additional services, the user hereby confirms that it has full legal capacity to enter into such a transaction, without the need for any additional permits or approvals.

6. Yep.Com shall have the right at any time, unilaterally change the terms and conditions of services of online service (both free and paid extra), without prior notice to you.

7. Yep.Com has the right to block access to the user account that is not available to do some or all of the information on the user's account, which uses most of the channel performance or in any way harmful to the system.

8. Yep.Com prohibits storing pornographic, offensive or illegal content, and has the right to remove or block such content.

9. Yep.Com prohibits references to information sent in the form of spam. If there is reasonable cause to believe that such references were made to holders of the account will be blocked or removed.

10. User Yep.Com must observe copyright laws, commercial law, and other laws of the country presence, the rules of international law. The content of the Web site by users, including images and files that violate these laws are not allowed. If someone complained to you, we are asked to remove the copyrighted file until the resolution of the issue. If a dispute between users within the system, Yep.Com its part undertakes not to interfere.

11. All information posted on the Yep.Com, remains the property of the account holder. But the user can transfer certain rights Yep.Com.

12. Yep.Com assumes no responsibility for lost your information, the losses due to the unavailability or loss of the website, any errors or failures in the system and possible delays in data transmission.

13. Yep.Com makes an effort to protect your information, but Yep.Com shall not be liable for your losses due to violations of the security system, if the cause of violation is a user or Yep.Com.

14. In case of violation of laws, Yep.Com will cooperate with all authorities. Yep.Com is not responsible for the suspension / blocking of websites under the authorized user of the presence of the authorities, including the websites of honest users.

15. Yep.Com has the right to remove from the ranking sites that are deemed inappropriate for public viewing.