Privacy policy

Company Yep.Com protects your privacy. Please note the following information regarding our privacy policy.

1. During registration for Yep.Com, we ask personal information (name, e-mail). This data is stored in secure databases.

2. Some part of the personal information may be publicly available on the settings of your account.

3. After logging in to your account, and while navigating the site, we ask for ip-address, date and time. The server also creates logs, which logs links, browser type and the action requested.

4. You can edit your personal information at any time. You can also delete your account with the destruction of all personal information from our systems.

5. We use the cookie-files, sessions and other tracking technologies by the state of activity. We also use these methods to store personal settings to increase the personalization options.
6. Many third parties (advertising through) use cookie-files on your computer to track user activity. These files are subject to confidentiality agreements such companies. Such companies, advertisers do not have access to the cookie-file system Yep.Com.

7. We do not sell or rent our lists to third parties. E-mail addresses used to send the activation link, site updates and alerts about attempts unauthorized actions.

8. Yep.Com no spamming. If you receive a message similar to the spam from our address, then it's probably a fake. Please refer in date with handling user complaints .

9. On servers Yep.Com stored Web pages created by third parties, and these pages can request various personal information - these pages are subject to confidentiality agreements of their respective owners.

10. Yep.Com can send out invitation letters, which are sent to the email addresses provided by users of the system and contain the information provided by users. They are only used for inviting friends to visit the page. If this option is used to harm, please in date with handling user complaints .