Website - it's not just a picture with the words. This is a single concept, each element of which is combined with the others, appropriate and logical. We are pleased to provide you with more than 300 site templates from professional designers in different styles and directions. You just change the name and information about themselves and start the whole operation.

Change the cap and the background of the site, the color and size of fonts, images and text, and your site will be completely unique.
Yep.Com allows free draw to the site the first stream of visitors.

This ensures participation in the banner network. Your banner will be displayed on the websites of other users Yep.Com, try to imagine how this wider audience, in particular, the chosen, the banner position. Cute banners in the system Yep.Com attract to your site the first stream of visitors. This is due to the fact that at each site participating in the banner exchange, display advertising on your site, some chosen by you, the banner position which sees the owner of the site and its visitors. Try to imagine how a broad audience! And it's all in the absence of other ads on Yep.Com.

Create, attract, intrigue, and you will succeed!
The domain name - this is the address of your website. It should be short, easy to pronounce and remember, or visitors who had gathered to visit you just do not remember how to find you. The shorter and easier to address, the more trust and respect is the site. Well, when the domain can determine the type of your organization. In general, how do you call a boat, so it will float.

If you find a great domain name on the service, you can easily attach it to your site on Yep.Com.
The right website design can contribute to sales and direct the focus of attention of visitors in the right direction. At the Market you'll find a variety of hats and backgrounds, as well as a variety of applications for your site and even ready-made designs. You can purchase a ready site.

Just all of the above items can be put up for sale by registering as a seller.
Customer Support is here to answer your questions and help you understand the possible difficulties. Try to describe the difficulties step by step and make the most detail.
If you for some reason do not have time to create a website that you would like to get a professional design, content or the promotion of your website, visit the Exchange and we'll find a specialist to perform your job!

You are well versed in the creation of websites, design, writing articles, press releases, application development or promotion of a website? Then you are at right place! Offer your services to users on the Exchange.
Create your website just got easier! Simply choose when signing one of your profiles on Facebook and Vkontakte or information from your account will be transferred to the newly created site automatically. And your site is ready to go!
You can install the app on iOS and Android as a full unit to manage the site.

Imagine that you are walking down the street, make a lovely frame. Publish it to the site directly from your mobile device using this application not be easy. Agree, so mobile and quick update of the site, as they say "on the go", and little is available Yep.Com This option provides you with website management. Check out the example of an application to manage the site on iOS and Android.
When creating a site to observe the rules of netiquette. One of them is the fact that every page of the site must be located no further three clicks away from the homepage. Of course, this can be done using the navigation menu, but it does not provide the clarity and highlight key information components of your site.

Domestic widgets are easy to customize site navigation. It may be announcements of the latest articles from your site, showcase items, photos, news or a map with driving directions. Clicking on any of these units, the user will enter the contents with interested him.

External widgets blocks that can contain a variety of widgets (weather, clock, calendar, currency exchange rates), games, radio, etc. Place them on the site and users will thank you for what you care about them, even in small things.

It is possible to add widgets in sidebars and the main page, and to the individual modules and records.
Maintaining a blog on your website - it's the simplest thing you can do for its development. Become a columnist Internet resources related to your product - it is often found on the internet useful and interesting sites - tell us about them in the blog. Or tell me about interesting events that happen in your life or business.
In the archive you can add a variety of files, music or video - so you create a similar home library, where anyone will be able to find something of interest to him. Theme files can be varied and determined by you on the basis of the parameters of your site. Before you download a file, any user will be able to view it, or listen online that will provide him the confidence to select the correct information.
Block albums useful for any type of site. If it is a personal site, you can fill albums depending on the important events in your life. When filling an information site photo albums can be formed according to news occasions or sections of your site. So your users will understand you better and you will create for them to experience a particular place.
In the life and work of each person, there are times when he just need to know people's opinion on any issue. Of particular importance is the fact that some answers are already there and it is important statistics. For example, you have a website and there was a new offer to you is important to know what kind of response it has found your users. For these purposes, the most suitable survey.
Today is becoming increasingly popular e-commerce. Create a modern online store on Yep.Com and start a career as a merchant now. With us, you will be able to develop a convenient catalog, place the information about discounts for your store or different conditions of delivery. Invoices and bills are issued on request.

Just as you have the ability to connect a variety of different ways to pay for goods that are integrated with our system, on their website or connect any of the third-party payment methods at your discretion.
User Yep.Com together with the creation of the site have the opportunity to publish applications on iOS and Android, as well as in social networks.

By publishing the application for an online store, you will give to your customers to make purchases and to keep the updates, wherever they are in the moment. For example, you publish the new products in the catalog online store or add entries to your blog, your customers are notified about it on your iPhone or Android. This notification directs them to a specific page of your site. Is not it a convenient way to keep their customers informed of your latest events?

Check out the example of an application for an online store for iOS and Android.

It's no secret that social network users are trying to rally their pages all the information they need. If you are the owner of your online store, then let people who love your brand, keep it in sight. Yep.Com gives you the ability to install their online store as a full-fledged social networking applications. Check out the example of an application for an online store for MySpace and Facebook.
The industry of social networking in today's world are actively developing. Now an Internet user who is not present in any social network - a rarity. Moreover, the virtual environment can already compete with live communication.

When working with the site it is likely that a certain percentage of the information you will need to add in the social network. So why spend time downloading the same information? In this case, the best option for you - integration.

Integration with social networks implies a quick and easy addition of content (photos, videos, music) to the site of your pages in social networks and vice versa.

You can configure the integration so that the publication of certain information on the site, and it is automatically added to your social network. This is a convenient way to keep your customers up to date with the latest developments.
If you intend to introduce a new company or to upgrade the site, you can find out the opinion of your users about this. When working with online shopping, you can find out the basic needs of your customers, the usability of the online store, as for navigation or shipping charges. By connecting the unit to the site with reviews, you will always know the opinion of people about your site.

As well you have the possibility of forming a fully individual feedback unit by adjusting the elements that are necessary for you. Stay in touch with your users, quickly react to information coming from them, and your site will not exchange it for any other.
Major social portals and other sites with a lot of traffic, as a rule, use internal forums - a means of communication to a captive audience site.

Forum gives visitors the opportunity to talk to each other about the content of your website. The owner of the site forum allows visitors to see reviews of the quality of the service, see the user's eyes, feel the overall atmosphere of the target audience and to evaluate its social characteristics.
Communicate with your users - create for them a meaningful newsletter with bright, individually decorated. Enhance the user demand for your site and move to a new level of feedback.
You can find out the cost of the site, its daily and monthly income, the main indicators of the search engines audience by country and visitor statistics.

But in order to make the site friendly to the search engines of his title and breadcrumbs SEO optimized, and also you have the opportunity to add your file robots.txt.
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